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About V.

Valentina M. Sisera is the founder and CEO of Rosa dei Venti, LLC and its religious products branch, HOLYITALY.  

Born and raised in Bologna, Italy and now established in Los Angeles, California, 

Valentina is engaging in the perfect mix of Italian passion and the American dream.  

And she is expansive in her vision for how these two countries can benefit one another.  

She works with a limitless range of clients in creative ways using her natural and instinctive knack for being a source of connection

in the business world.

Rosa dei Venti, LLC

Rosa dei Venti, LLC

Rosa dei Venti, LLC is a full-service representative agency for Italian companies seeking to access the American market.

We work very closely with our clients to make this a meaningful and mutually beneficial process on all sides. 

For representation, please send a detailed email to

in either Italian or English describing where you are in your business development process, and we'll let you know how we can help.

If you are an American distributor or retailer who would like to source products direct from Italy, give us a call or send a text to 

+1 (424) 301-0624

What We Do



We take into account the entire story and picture of you, your company, your product and from there we help you to develop a vision and a strategy for the American market. 

We focus on areas on the market where you can build consistent commerce, not just grab a quick bite, and help with whatever customizations you require to be most effective.



Services include:


  • Local market connections 

  • Local partnerships opportunities

  • Relevant distribution channels & vendors

  • Competitive analysis of local key players’ manufacturing & distribution

  • Execution & development of a Go-to-market strategy



We see things with American and Italian eyes. We open up international market and ease communication for you. It's not just a language translation, it's about understanding tone, phrasing, culture and business culture. 

We help you adjust your approach and provide quick responses for customer service. We give your company and product an American voice so you can be understood.


Because we are in America, we are capable of strategically positioning your product on the market with a direct presence here. 

We gauge and assist your product's approach in order to ensure its success in the market.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Venice, CA 90291

US: +1 (414) 301-0624

IT:  +39 348-0048422

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